Ceiling pot lights Toronto

Choosing the Best Ceiling Pot Lights for Your Home

Regardless of whether you plan to refurbish an old home, build a single house from scratch or plan to build multiple units for a housing project, it is somewhat apparent that you have to put in mind to choose the best kind of lighting for any type of housing you wish to build. Along with the other thing that beautifies the interior of a house such as paint, windows, door and other details, bringing perfection by keeping some aspects of your lighting discreet could definitely make your home truly wonderful. What better way to do this than making use of ceiling pot lights?

What are ceiling pot lights?

There are certain parts of the interior of a house, which requires a certain kind of lighting to make it much more noticeable. In the case of the ceilings in some rooms such as the living room, recessed lighting fixtures could definitely help you achieve this goal. Recessed lighting or the use of ceiling pot lights involves the main bulb, the trim, and the housing.

The bulb

Light bulbs, as we know it comes in different sizes, shapes, and light intensity. Nowadays, contractors and builders find LED bulbs more convenient to use because of their efficiency in terms of electric consumption, although some still prefer to use fluorescent bulbs. You can also opt to use bulbs with different colors to add character to the room that you wish to define.

The trim

This is the part of the lighting that is visible. The choice of trim depends upon the taste of the person who wishes to install them, hence making this decision a bit more personal. It comes in different shapes, sizes and designs. These factors can affect the amount of light that is being reflected into the room so you should remember to think about the overall image of the room before deciding on the type of trim you would want to use. Several types are available on the market. Examples of these are the baffle, reflector, adjustable and lensed type of trim, among the others.

The housing

The housing of a recessed lighting is the part, which surrounds the actual bulb and is hidden. Deciding on the type of housing is a bit more technical and most of the time, requires the help of an electrician. In planning on what type to install, it is important that you consider the amount of space available around the light source and the nature of the structures located beyond the ceiling. You should also know if your fixtures are allowed to come in contact with the insulation that could be found inside the housing.