Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between low voltage and line voltage pot lights?

Low voltage pot lights are pot lights that have a built in transformer (either mechanical or electronic) that brings the voltage down. The advantage of low voltage pot lights is the significant decrease in the amount of produced heat in the fixture and a near 10% light increase. Some of the disadvantages are: noise associated with dimmer use when a low quality pot light is used, low voltage pot lights are more expensive than line voltage pot lights.

What is the difference between Remodel (Retrofit) and IC Pot Lights?

Retrofit or Remodel pot light types are primarily used in non insulated basements and main floors. IC type pot lights are generally used in insulation spread areas where the housing is in direct contact with insulation, for example: attics and basements that use sound proof insulation.

What is best choice of lighting for the different areas of my home?

If you do not have an interior decorator or designer, you may find these tips useful:

  • Foyer: We recommend a short proper width chandelier. However, if you have high ceilings, you may choose a longer chandelier model.
  • Main and Second Hallway, Living and Family rooms: In most cases pot lights offer the best lighting solution for these areas.
  • Kitchen: Your kitchen is one of the most light demanding room in your house. We recommend installing pot lights above counter tops symmetrically with appliances, pendants over the island area, puck lights in glass cabinet doors and rope lights above cabinets. This layout would provide a warm and classy look for your kitchen. If you have stainless steel appliances B/N trims are a great choice.
  • Dining and Breakfast areas: we recommend hanging a chandelier over the table with pot lights surrounding it.
  • Bathrooms: Combining pot lights and wall sconces will provide a more aesthetically appealing visual appearance.
  • Master bedroom and other bedrooms: a great layout for your bedroom is centering a short and wide chandelier, pot lights overhanging bedside tables, dressers and chest table, controlled by a remote dimmer switch.

Why should we hire an Electrical Contractor?

Hiring an ECRA licensed contractor to perform your electrical work is the best way to protect your family and your home.
A licensed contractor will:

  • Manages the inspection process and repair all deficiencies.
  • Get the job done right and safely as he has the required training and expertise.
  • Hiring a contractor with an ECRA licence and the necessary skill provides a peace of mind – something you cannot put a price on.

Should we use dimmers? What options do we have?

Dimmers are common in Toronto households. Dimmers aid in saving on your energy bill while enhancing the beauty of your home.

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